Evolution Audio Video is now the authorized Esoteric dealer for the Washington DC area.  Please come by to audition the A-03 Pure Class A Amplifier, C-03 Linestage Preamplifier, and the X-05 CD/SACD Player.

SIM2 HT3000E DLP Projector *(SOLD)*

Sim2 HT3000E single chip DLP projector.  Retail price $19,245.00  Special Trade-In price $8,500.00.

SIM2 Grand Cinema™ HT3000E premium single chip projector offers true, uncompressed 1920×1080 HDTV resolution, thanks to the 0.95″ 1080p DLP® chipset from Texas Instruments.


Linn Akurate 242 tower speakers with special order black 3K array and bases.  One pair in Rosenut finish.  These had a retail price $10,570.00…Now only $7,500.00.

Manufactures link: Linn

We Accept Trade-In’s

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding trading in your existing equipment in order to purchase new products from Evolution A/V.


The Analysis Plus hollow oval design clearly uses the conductor more efficiently, and the result is shown in the measured resistance. The hollow oval cables maintain a low resistance value, even at 20 kHz, where the resistance of the round cable has increased dramatically. This increased resistance and slow rise time rolls off the high frequencies, which leads to the difference between the measured signal at the amp and the signal measured at the speaker terminals. This design principle is utilized throughout the Analysis Plus product line, and is the reason why hollow oval cables look and sound better than any competitor’s products.  Models include: Blue Oval, Black Oval 9, Solo Crystal Oval 8, Big Silver Oval.


From the most basic to ultimate systems, Transparent has the right combination of links to bring out the best in your components. Products include Link, Music Link, Plus,Super, Ultra, Reference, Reference XL, and Reference MM2.  Also available are Transparent’s extensive line of power conditioning products including: Powerbanks, Powerwaves, and Powerisolators.


There are four families of Revel loudspeakers: Ultima2, the ultimate expression of loudspeaker performance and design. They are simply second to none. Performa; loudspeakers that possess most of the performance and features found in the Ultima family in more traditional cabinet designs. Concerta; utilizing many of the technologies and features found in the Performa family at more affordable prices. In-Wall; Revel performance and quality for custom installation applications.


Every audio enthusiast’s goal is to achieve effortless, articulate and dynamic bass that supports musical and cinematic presentations with equal aplomb.
JL Audio powered subwoofers are designed and built to achieve unprecedented performance in all those areas within reasonably sized, beautifully crafted packages.  Models include: f110, f112, f113, and the f212.