There’s nothing better than enjoying concert-quality music within the walls of your own home. If that quality is something you’ve yet to experience, turn to Evolution Audio Video. We sell the industry’s best surround sound systems to music and movie lovers alike. From speaker to subwoofer, these systems are designed to give you the clearest, crispest sound possible.

You can trust our experts because we’ve been in business for over a decade. We’ve watched as the industry has advanced rapidly,and we know what a quality system sounds like. But we don’t believe that upgrading your current sound system must cost a fortune. Count on us to keep your budget and other needs in mind.

We sell products from top brands like Aerial Acoustics, Amphion, JBL Synthesis®, KEF, Meridian,and Paradigm. For more information about these brands, continue reading. You’ll see that our inventory includes a wide range of surround sound systems in Tysons Corner, VA.

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All Aerial loudspeaker systems are designed and constructed with fanatical attention to quality and detail. Decades of design and manufacturing experience have taught us that craftsmanship and technology go hand-in-hand when creating products of uncompromising performance and genuine long-term value. World class manufacturing techniques and production equipment are employed, complemented by the work of skilled craftsmen when only experienced hands will do. Aerial Acoustics. Every detail matters.


Since 1998 Amphion has been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers, which are insensitive to problems of room acoustics. Innovative waveguide technology and controlled dispersion enable you to hear more of your music, and less of your room. Models include Argon 1, Argon 3, Argon 3L, Krypton 3. Amphionhear more music.


JBL Synthesis® is the world’s first complete, integrated multi-channel audio system designed specifically for custom installation home theater, and was the first system that enabled custom calibration to deliver optimum performance in any room. JBL Synthesis® Multichannel Audio System has been inducted into the CEDIA Product Hall of Fame.


KEF was founded on innovation and new technology, and are recognized in the history of loudspeaker development as one of the most important contributors. KEF’s research legacy includes contributions from some of the greatest and most respected loudspeaker designers of the last five decades. Today, KEF are the company to beat in computer analysis of loudspeakers. The software used to run our analyses is also used to power eighty-five percent of the world’s supercomputers. We are a full range dealer including the Kef Blades.


Meridian Audio has been designing and creating state-of-the-art audio and video home entertainment systems for over 35 years. The underlying design philosophy for our systems is to combine the ground-breaking functional performance of all the components with a striking visual appeal; aesthetics that make a bold design statement, but one that’s always in harmony with the surroundings.


Monitor Audio is a British-owned and operated global specialist in hi-fi loudspeaker design, producing award-winning stereo and multi-channel speakers, powered subwoofers, music players, and more. Monitor Audio is known for the high quality and sophistication of every product it creates.

By consistently refining and applying its technologies, Monitor Audio has become the world’s foremost expert in developing metal dome drivers. The Ceramic-Coated Aluminum Magnesium (C-CAM®) metal alloy driver cones used throughout its comprehensive range of products are very light, but very rigid and strong. Such a magical mix of properties allows them to reproduce the most delicate musical atmospherics as well as the dynamic bass excursions of movie action scenes.


For over twenty-five years Paradigm has set the standard for sonic excellence in every product category. Our focus on providing the best in performance and value continually pushes the boundaries in speaker design.  “We are authorized to sell Paradigm & Paradigm Reference in our local market only. If you are visiting from outside our local market, please go to to find the name of your nearest dealer.”


PSB Speakers’ dedication to producing pinnacle loudspeakers does not stop at the front door. PSB’s relationship with the NRC (National, Research Council) gives our engineers a physical knowledge base and a wealth of resources hard to find anywhere else in the world. PSB was one of the first to use the NRC facility and has been working with the NRC since 1974. PSB Speakers continues to be one of the most active users of the NRC facility today. PSB’s experience with the NRC is one of their largest advantages, how we interpret the collected data and implement research in the design of loudspeakers sets us apart from other speaker manufacturers.


REL is one of the fastest growing product ranges in the entire high end with strong international partnerships all over the world and acclaim coming from virtually every high end audio and home theater magazine. REL sub-bass systems are optimized to deliver highly accurate, dynamic low bass in both music and film soundtracks. RELs possess; the ability to deliver huge low bass originally intended for the main speakers as well as the ability to deliver effects for the .1 channel.Fundamental reliability remains its core strength, blended with a unique approach to design that results in what many consider the most musical and powerful sounding subwoofers available.


There are four families of Revel loudspeakers: Ultima2, the ultimate expression of loudspeaker performance and design. They are simply second to none. Performa; loudspeakers that possess most of the performance and features found in the Ultima2 family in more traditional cabinet designs. Concerta; utilizing many of the technologies and features found in the Performa family at more affordable prices. In-Wall; Revel performance and quality for custom installation applications.


Through extremely careful considered materials choices, coupled with strict adherence to mechanical, electrical, and acoustic engineering principles, Rockport Loudspeakers are designed to maintain the absolute integrity of the original music signal. This approach allows for greater appreciation of fine recording, fully capturing the nuance and raw emotion of the original musical event no matter how simple or demanding.


At Totem Acoustic, minute attention to every detail is our guiding principle. We believe a speaker should exhibit liveliness and spaciousness of sound, with all the qualities that make live music truly soul-moving. Dynamics, transients, decay, harmonics, timbre and rhythm must all be realistically portrayed.


Triad offers the most complete array of applications-based custom speaker solutions, designed for specific usage, and without compromise. Triad believes custom speakers should be the same high quality as the very best audiophile speakers, but they should blend unobtrusively into your environment. 95% of Triad speaker models are designed and manufactured in our modern facility in Portland, Oregon, and they are able to manufacture efficiently in America to provide an outstanding value and compete with the rest of the world.


Wisdom Audio was founded in 1996 with one goal in mind, to create the world’s finest loudspeakers unbound by limitations of current technologies and past design. Wisdom’s proprietary large scale thin film planar-magnetic transducers, electronic crossovers in place of passive designs, and innovative woofer designs were all developed to solve problems inherent in the limitations of traditional designs and how they interact with the listening room. The result is an experience like no other.