Our Specials

We Accept Trade-In’s

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding trading in your existing equipment in order to purchase new products from Evolution A/V


Monitor Audio store demo models on sale at 40% off.  Models include Silver 200, 300, 500.  Gold 200, 300.  Platinum PL300 II.  Please call for prices.


Harman International is having a special sale on the following products:

Arcam electronics at 20% off to include SA10, SA20, SA30, and PA410


JBL HDI series at 30% off to include HDI-1200, HDI-3800, HDI-3600, HDI-4500, HDI-1600


Revel Performa 3 series at 30% off to include F208, F206, M106, M105, C208, C205, B112V2, B110V2, S206


Special buy Wolf Cinema TXF-2800 8K laser projector.  This comes with factory 2-year warranty . Retail price $29,000.00…….Special Price $25,000.00


Store demo Meridian Ultra DAC with full 5-year warranty.  Retail price $23,000.00....Special price $13,800.00.



Trade-in Sim2 Nero 3D-2T 1080P DLP projector.  Includes all packaging and accessories. Regular price $20,000.00………….Special price $4,500.00.



New-in-box Paradigm Prestige 75F tower speaker in walnut finish.  Retail price $3,000.....Special price $1,850.00 pair.



Special buy on a NEW SIMAUDIO 390 preamplifier/network player in two/tone finish.  This unit also has digital inputs and an internal phono preamplifier.  Retail price $6,400.00.....Special price $5,850.00.


Open box Simaudio ACE "all-in-one" integrated amplifier.  This has the new MiND2 streaming board  that will playback hi-rez MQA files, and is fully Roon certified.  Comes complete with all packing, accessories, and has the full 10-year warranty.  Regular Price $4,200.00......Special price $3,700.00


Special buy on a "B-STOCK" Simaudio 740P 2-channel preamplifer in two/tone finish.  Comes fully certified by Simaudio with a 5-year warranty.  Retail price $9500.00.......Special price $7,975.00.


Special buy on a "pre-loved" SIMAUDIO 330A 2-channel power amplifier in black finish.  Comes fully certified by Simaudio with a 5-year warranty.  Retail price $4,400.00.....Special price $3,500.00.


Store demo Totem Acoustic Sky tower loudspeakers in mahogany finish.  Comes with original packaging and full 5-year warranty.  Regular price $2,600.00 pair.....special price $1,600.00 pair.


Store demo Totem Acoustic Sky bookshelf loudspeakers in mahogany finish.  Comes will all packaging, and 5-year factory warranty. Retail Price $2,150.00 pair……..Special Price $1,300.00


Store demo Monitor Audio Platinum PL300 II in ebony finish.  Comes complete with all packaging. Regular price $17,900.00 pair………….Special price $8,500.00 pair.


Trade-in Ayre AX-5 Twenty Integrated amplifier. Comes complete with all packaging and remainder of warranty. Retail price $14,950.00…………Special Price $9,575.00


Trade-in Naim SuperNait integrated amp w/internal DACs paired with Naim Hi-Cap external power supply .  Retail price for the SuperNait $5,500.00, and retail price for the Hi-Cap $2,500.00.  These units were just sent in to Naim for a health check...Special price for the combo is $3,750.00.


Special buy on a "pre-loved" SIMAUDIO 340i D3PX Integrated Amplifier in black finish.  This unit has an onboard DAC and Phono preamplifier.  Comes fully certified by Simaudio with a 5-year warranty.  Retail price $6,000.00.....Special price $4,975.00


Trade-in Wolf Cinema SDC-15 1080P projector that shifts to 4K resolution.  This unit has very low hours (~600) and projects a bright image with great black levels. Retail price $15,000.00……………Special price $5,500.00


Trade-in Audio Research Ref5SE tube pre-amplifier. Natural silver finish, and comes complete with all packaging. Retail Price $13,000.00………..SpecialPrice $6,500.00

Trade-in JL Audio F112 subwoofer in satin black.  Includes original packaging.  Retail price $2,700.00....Special price $1,700.00.


Store demo Transparent Ultra Speaker Cable 10' pair with spades  Regular price $3,870.00......Special price $2,000.00 pair.


Trade-in Audio Research Ref 75 tube amplifier in black finish.  This has around 2,100 hours on the tubes. Regular price $9,000.00………….Special price $4,500.00 


Store demo Parasound Halo JC-1 mono bloc amplifier. Comes complete with full factory warranty and packaging. Black finish Regular price $4,500.00 each………….Special price $2,650.00 each....must purchase all 3 units.  


Store demo Totem Acoustic Element Metal speakers in gloss black finish.  Full factory 5-year warranty, and comes with all packaging and accessories. Regular price $13,750.00 pair………….Special price $8,250.00 pair   


Trade-in Martin Logan Aeon i towers & Motif center channel speakers in black ash finish. Regular Price $5,300.00……….Special Price $2,600.00  



Trade-in Totem Acoustic Forest in maple finish, and a 7 out of 10 finish. Comes complete with all accessories and boxes. Regular price $4,250.00 pair………….Special price $2,475.00 pair


Class A/B design that offers 750 WPC @ 8 ohms. Silver finish, and cosmetically in very good condition. Regular price $10,000.00 pair………….Special price $4,150.00 pair

Trade-in Audio Research DS 450 mono-bloc amplifier. Silver finish, and comes complete with all packaging. Retail Price $5,000.00 each………..Special Price $3,000.00 each with 3 units available.  

Special deal on a Epson Pro Cinema 6050UB projector and a 108" diagonal Stewart Balon borderless 2.35:1 screen with Studiotek 130 G3 material.  Includes complete ceiling mount, and spare lamp for the 6050.  Regular price $7,200.00.....Special price $5,600.00.  Only one (1) available.



Trade-in Lexicon MC-14 surround controller that is a current model. Retail Price $10,500.00………….Special Price $4,300.00

B-stock Marantz AV8801 11.2 pre-amp/processor with full factory 3-year warranty. Regular price $3,000.00……………Special price $1,800.00

Lexicon MC-12HD surround controller with HDMI and balanced audio outputs. Regular Price $12,000.00……..Special Price $925.00

Audio Research Reference Tube DAC in silver finish with full mfg warranty. Retail Price $17,000.00…..Special Price $8,395.00